Film in Clips

To help you navigate through the film, especially if you are aiming to use it in the classroom, I have broken it into 10 separate clips: the Introduction and the Closing credits (in which the scientists talk about cheese) and eight clips, each of which addresses a particular question.

  1. Opening sequence and introduction to what the film is about.
  2. What do you do when you’re not doing science?
  3. When did you first get interested in science?
  4. For some of the scientists interviewed, there was an inspirational teacher.
  5. Do you have a Nobel prize?
  6. Are you a genius?
  7. What does it take to make a good scientist?
  8. Is science fun?
  9. Is science finished – is there anything left to do?
  10. Conclusion and credits (with answers to the question: what’s your favourite cheese?)

Alternatively, if you find it easier to use the film as a whole, I have listed the key time-points for each section. The links should take you to the specific point in the video:

  1. 00:00  Titles and Introduction
  2. 01:24  Meet the scientists: What do they like to do when not doing science?
  3. 02:41  When did the scientists first get interested in science?
  4. 06:54  For some there was an inspirational teacher…
  5. 08:26  Have any of these scientists got a Nobel Prize?
  6. 09:36  Do you need to be a genius to do science?
  7. 11:07  What does it take to be a good scientist?
  8. 15:14  Is working in science fun?
  9. 19:59  Given all the recent progress, isn’t science nearly finished?
  10. 23:58  Conclusion, Credits and the all-important cheese question.

If you have any feedback or suggestions on how to make the film easier to use in teaching, please let me know.

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