Film Background

The film was inspired by my time as a participant in the online competition I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here in which groups of scientists try to answer any and every question from classrooms of school children around the UK. During the second week of the competition, the children vote for their favourite scientist and every day the one with the least votes is evicted.

It can get pretty intense! But the competition is a fantastic experience for scientists and children — a great way for them to share their different views of the world and of science. For most of the children the real buzz comes from being able to communicate directly with working scientists. For the scientists it is tremendously exciting to be exposed to the raw curiosity and enthusiasm of the nation’s school-children.

I loved being in the competition. During the course of the questioning I was struck by the tremendous idealism and enthusiasm of the children and the somewhat exaggerated idea they had of scientists’ capabilities.

I was lucky enough to emerge the winner of my group scientists which earned me £500 to spend on a project of my choosing. Since I had an interest in film-making, I had promised I would make a film about science and this is it. Having reflected on my experiences of I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here, I decided to use the film to address one last question that lay behind many of the children’s enquiries: what are scientists really like?

P.S. For anyone interested in reading the script of the finished film, you can download it as a PDF.