First and foremost, I want to thank the six scientists who gave generously of their time to be interviewed. In chronological order they are: Jenny Rohn, Bernadette Byrne, Laurence Pearl, Amar Joshi, Marcia Philbin and Tim Hunt. I am especially grateful to Bernadette who agreed to be interviewed twice (since I messed up the first one) and to Tim for allowing his photograph of me to be used.

I want to thank to the Natural History Museum for permission to film inside their beautiful building. It is one of my favourite places in London. I’m also grateful to Imperial College for the chance to film on campus.

I managed the camera myself during the interviews (so all the lighting, framing and sound problems are down to me) but my own pieces to camera were done with the expert assistance of Eleanor, Anne and Dominic Curry and Amar Joshi.

The curious teens who appear at the start of the film are Charlotte, Eleanor and Dominic Curry. Thanks guys!

Laurence’s ‘space-fireman’ was drawn by my brother, Noel Curry (check out his cartoon), and animated by me using Apple’s Keynote software using an idea that Dominic came up with.

The photograph of Lieutenant Uhura from Star Trek (the original TV series) appears courtesy of Getty Images.

The music in the soundtrack was written and created by Kevin McCloud ( The main theme is Sneaky Snitch, while the track used for the credits is Feelin Good.

I am immensely grateful for technical advice on filming, sound recording, editing and compression from Alom Shaha and Jonathan Sanderson. Despite their expert guidance, I still managed to mess a few things up but I’m learning. It was Alom’s idea to set up a dedicated web-site for the project.

This film was inspired and funded in part by I’m a Scientist, Get me out of HereI want to thank everyone at Gallomanor who was involved in supporting and running this fantastic public engagement competition. Very special mention goes to Shane McCracken (head honcho) for unwavering support that continues to this day: this web-site was set up and is being hosted with generous help from Shane and the gang.