About Stephen

Stephen Curry is a scientist. He works as a Professor of Structural Biology at Imperial College, London, where he is also Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Life Sciences. This means that he uses X-rays to figure out the three-dimensional structures of biological molecules in fine detail — so fine you can just about see the atoms! He works mainly on proteins used by viruses such as foot-and-mouth disease virus and the winter vomiting bug. To find out more about his research, have a look at this short video.

Stephen also likes writing and film-making. He blogs regularly about what it’s like to work in science at Reciprocal Space, which is part of the Occam’s Typewriter network. His writing has also appeared in The Guardian, The Times Higher Education magazine, The Biochemist, at Lablit and in the Open Laboratory anthologies of the best science blogging in 20082009 and 2010.

He is still very much an apprentice in the art of film-making. You can see other examples of his work on YouTube.

You can contact Stephen at the email address: scurry at imperial dot ac dot uk