What is it like to be a scientist?

When you think of scientists, what are the images that come to mind? If you have never met a scientist or visited a laboratory, it can be hard to get away from the stereotypes we see in films and on TV.

What are they really like? For many people, scientists seem scarily clever. And so they see science as “off limits”. In fact most scientists are pretty regular people. They have different personalities and outlooks on their life and work. But they don’t often get the opportunity to talk about them.

Can’t access YouTube? See the film on Vimeo or iTunes.

So I have made a film by interviewing six scientists who are at different stages of their careers. They share their stories about how they got into science and talk about why they like doing it and what they think it takes to be a good scientist. Most importantly of all, they reveal their favourite type of cheese.

As you will see, these scientists are thoughtful, funny and enthusiastic people who, like me, would like to invite you into the world of science to have a look around.

The film was made with teenage school-children in mind but I hope it will also appeal to other students, teachers and the general public, and maybe even to scientists.

Please enjoy and share with your friends. To make the film easier to use in the classroom, it is also available as short clips, each addressing a particular question.

If you need a copy on DVD, please get in touch.


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